7 reasons you should attend webinars

Webinars are a constant source of fresh ideas and insights from industry thought leaders and notable experts in just about any discipline you can imagine. Thankfully, the marketing industry is bursting with opportunities to participate in live or recorded webinars. In the past year alone I’ve participated in numerous marketing- and content-related webinars in a host of topics: Content strategy, content marketing, email marketing and SEO strategies.

Many webinars are sponsored by vendors eager to sell you a software tool, class or solution related to the featured topic. But that’s not bad. Many of the tools and offerings are excellent—some you may buy immediately and some you will remember when a future need arises, or you’ll recommend them to clients or colleagues. A few examples include Hubspot, Marketo, Quicksprout, Bizlaunch and Deluxe. Other webinars are sponsored by professional organizations and services that are advancing industry knowledge and thought leadership in a narrow field. A few organizations I follow: MarketingProfs, Content Marketing Institute and CMS Wire.

7 reasons why you should attend webinars

Need a list of reasons why you should be “attending” webinars regularly? Here are seven.

  1. FREE (mostly). Some organizations, like MarketingProfs, charge fees for attending, but the cost is worth it.
  2. Convenient. Tune in from your computer anywhere; work, home, office or your local coffee shop. If you miss the live event most give you the chance to view it later.
  3. Help you stay current without spending hundreds (or thousands) traveling to conferences.
  4. A Q&A allows you to explore specific, related issues.
  5. Great reference materials like slide decks, quick start guides and white papers are usually shared.
  6. Meet industry thought leaders and an opportunity to follow up with these smart individuals.
  7. Help keep you smart in the ever evolving world of digital marketing and communication.

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