Get a Free Content Evaluation

If you’d like an honest evaluation of your company’s digital content and strategy, I have an offer for you.


5-Point Content Evaluation

clipboardI’ll evaluate your website and (optional content assets) strategy using a 5-point checklist. On a 30-minute phone call or video conference, I’ll share my findings, recommendations, and a to-do list of how to make improvements. 


What I evaluate:Gary Teagarden | Content | Copywriting

  • Writing: We’ll check for consistent style, voice and tone; and, we’ll look for grammar errors. Is your copy engaging, written in active voice?
  • Personas: Are your target audiences apparent? Do your messages align with your audience segments?
  • Keywords and SEO: We’ll tell you what keywords your site is ranking for and how you compare to your top three competitors. We’ll share new keywords you could exploit.
  • Titles and meta descriptions: Do all your pages have unique and optimized titles and meta descriptions? Are they the proper character count?
  • Internal and external links: Are there any broken links on the site? Are you using link best practices?