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Tips on creating exceptional content—websites to white papers.

What’s your personal brand?

If you could choose just one word that personified your personal brand, what would it be? Words that reflect character values like ethical, honest or courageous? Or adjectives such as cool, gorgeous or rich? In reality, your personal brand, like any B2B or B2C brand,...

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How Lincoln can help you write better

When I saw the epic movie Lincoln, I was captivated by the depth and richness of the language used by the actors to portray the solemnity of that period in American history. The passages spoken by many in the cast were simply lyrical: [Lincoln to James Ashley] “We’re...

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7 elements of high-quality college websites

For my master's thesis research I wanted to determine how students at the schools where I previously worked (Globe University, Minnesota School of Business and Broadview University) assess the quality of a college/university website. This was just one of several...

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Better web writing in 4 minutes

In the third installment in a series of articles summarizing the results of my thesis, "Effective Content Strategy for Campus Websites at Career Colleges," I synthesize the best practices of writing for the web. Better web writing in 4 minutes In a study of how web...

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