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For stakeholders such as customers, employees and strategic partners, I’ve created and developed concepts for magazines and newsletters—both print and online. For Unisys Defense Systems I created (as executive editor) the concept and name for the magazine Performance, a publication targeting Unisys customers and strategic partners. The publication’s marketing objectives were to raise brand awareness and communicate key messages of high quality, unsurpassed contract and system performance, and strong customer commitment.

Performance featured original artwork and photography, beautiful design and stellar writing by a cadre of nationally-known authors. We published the magazine for several years, until the business unit was acquired by Lockheed Martin.

Magazines, making a comeback

Interestingly, high-quality corporate publications (both print and online) are making a comeback in some industries, after a period of abstinence. Publications by IBM, GE, Northrop Grumman and others are showcasing award-winning writing and brilliantly designed magazines in content marketing plays that eclipse the competition.

Gary and I worked together in the past, and I can say that Gary is a professional’s professional.

He listens carefully to the client’s need, and introduces his own creativity to help them reach their goals.

The end result is wonderful. Add to that the fact that Gary is a man of exceptional ethics, and you see why I recommend him wholeheartedly.

Bill Paxton

Divisional Dean of Business & Leadership programs , Bethel University