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Vistage is the world’s largest CEO peer group, with chairs (advisors) in major markets around the world.

For Vistage Minnesota, I created and wrote scores of content assets from 2013-2016. Work included writing original blog posts in collaboration with local chairs. The hallmark of the Vistage content program is a customer testimonial series I developed, called “member stories.” These short, feature stories profile the Vistage member and their companies while exploring the value each CEO or senior leader gains from the Vistage experience.


During the course of the program unique visitors to the site tripled, helping to raise the awareness level of Vistage in Minnesota.

Blog articles

Member stories


Gary tripled our website traffic (unique pageviews) and increased our site engagement.

Two years ago we hired Gary to create and manage our website content and marketing content to raise our VISTAGE brand presence in the Twin Cities.

He developed a series called “member stories” that showcase our members and the value they derive from a Vistage membership. He also curated content and helped our executive coaches write and edit blog posts to help establish them as thought leaders.

Additionally, he saved us time and did agency quality work far more cost efficiently. We could work directly with Gary rather than working through an account executive.

Brian Davis

Chair, CEO Peer Group Leader, Vistage