Wellington Security Systems website


Wellington Security Systems website by Gary Teagarden
Wellington Security Systems is a full-service security systems provider for business and home. For the company’s new website we created the copy, content strategy and information architecture.

The strategy

Our strategy called for developing unique narratives for several personas, which helped build a strong affinity with all audience groups. The personas included business owners, home owners, property managers, facilities managers and general contractors.

We differentiated Wellington from its large national competitors with key messages that underscored the company’s homegrown roots, personalized service and a staff you know by name. Photographs of key personnel, including all the company’s techs, are featured prominently on the site.

We partnered with The Mighty Mo! to create an engaging WordPress website with parallax scrolling. Over a three- to four-month period following launch, leads from the site generated $40,000 in sales. To help drive more prospects to the site and improve organic search results we launched a new blog that’s focused on answering customer questions. The blog’s name: Answers.


Gary led the redesign of our website—and began the process by creating a content strategy and web copy that addressed the “pain points” of our customers.
We generated $40K in revenue from web leads in just the first few months the site was live.
His strategy differentiated us from national security firms by highlighting our family-owned roots. He recommended we picture our employees on the site. And the strategy paid off: Those web pages are some of the most viewed on our site.
In addition, he launched a blog that continues to drive new traffic to our site.

Gene Earhart

President, Wellington Security Systems

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